A multimedia brand for champions.

Our mission is to understand the deep-rooted aspirations and needs of our peers while igniting ideas that transcend the ordinary.

Find the zone & enjoy the process.

At the heart of any meaningful endeavor lies the ability to embrace the journey, to laugh and dance, and to work together towards a common goal.

Our values:

1. Community

We represent a vibrant network of explorers, scientists, and developers who revel in exchanging ideas and building meaningful connections.

2. Innovation

We're passionate about solving complex challenges with practical and creative solutions that drive progress and inspire new possibilities.

3. Wellness

We recognize that success demands not only knowledge and experience, but also the commitment to self-care, discipline, and finding balance.


Discovered in 2010 by designer and web developer Jaidev Jyotis.

Jaidev Jyotis

Digital Lead

Mackenzie Taylor

Marketing Lead

Ramon Crayton

Technology Lead

Samuel Martin

Lead Analyst