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Kansas City and St. Louis move serious weight in terms of trucking, rail freight (2nd and 3rd in the nation, respectively), and also inland shipping. Traffic has burdened the I-70 corridor for more than a half century, with certain sections being affected five times more than the original design was intended for. The two cities may be relieved of the traffic if they are graced with the contract of Hyperloop One, which is the first technology of its kind, designed for passengers and freight.

Hyperloop would be propelled by an electric motor that would be assisted by a long series of electromagnets, which would also serve in levitating the pods. That’s right, Wingardium Leviosa. The pods would travel in a vacuum sealed tube, which would remove nearly all the air from the tubes, so that there is only a tiny amount of drag. The three and a half hour drive would become a less than half hour trip via Hyperloop. Currently, there is a feasibility study underway by Black and Veatch, a Kansas City based engineering firm, that will take between 7-9 months. While we are not sure if Hyperloop will make its way to Missouri, the first one is expected to be developed by 2021.

Missouri has a history of transportation in it’s back pocket and we believe that now is the time for another innovation. St. Louis started its transportation rapport as the gateway to the west, next Charles Lindbergh became the first person to fly across the Atlantic in the Spirit of St. Louis, and then Missouri constructed the first interstate in 1956. It has been some time since the city acquired a transportation accolade, but it’s now time to serve as a gateway to innovation.




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