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The bike share revolution started in Amsterdam in 1965 and has now spread across the Atlantic to more than 30 cities in the United States, and now St. Louis is joining the movement. Millions of residents and tourists will now have access to short-term dockless bike use. The advantage of dock-less cycles is that they can be left wherever, and can be found by apps that locate the bikes by GPS and also serve as the payment method. When a customer is finished riding they can use the app to lock the bike. There are two apps currently supporting the bike movement.

The City Alderman recently approved an ordinance allowing the permits of two companies, LimeBike and ofo. In April they were allowed to release 750 bikes each into St. Louis, adding 350 bikes per month until they reach a total of 5,000 bikes. “Additionally, 20% of the bikes will be available in target neighborhoods to the north between Delmar and Natural Bridge, and in the Dutchtown South area.”

LimeBike currently operates in over 30 cities and many campuses in America; ofo has over 10 million bikes in 250 cities and 20 countries, including around 15 cities in the U.S. So far, these systems have been successful in achieving higher ridership than their station-based counterparts in similar cities.”

  • Liz Farr, Nextstl

  • The companies are strategically planning the placement of bikes; such as the Downtown area, Forest Park, and other city hotspots.  While Mammock Darning completely supports the movement there have been some problems with riders and non riders.There have been a couple incidents of  throwing the bikes in the Mississippi and other vandalizing occurrences; not cool bro.


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