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For the Moms

For the Moms

St. Louis’ rich history is filled with the dark undertones of urban sprawl, economic disadvantages, and avoided issues that have left some regions of the city hopeless and educationally impoverished. The pockets of educational attainment in the city are reflective of the classism that plagues the region; unfortunately, the exacerbation of hope that comes with classism continues to endure through the generations. While education is not the only issue that divides the city it is one of the most important factors in an individual's’ ability to escape poverty. Educational attainment of mothers has proven to be a key to breaking inter-generational poverty, therefore it is critical to support young St. Louisian mothers in their educational goals so that we can create a more prosperous future generation.

One organization that is doing this quite effectively is Almost Home.

Almost Home is a St. Louis nonprofit that helps mothers create a more stable environment for themselves; their stories may include obtaining a degree, a technical license, or a professional certificate that allows them to start an enduring technical or professional career.  A staggering statistic by the US Census Bureau shows that in the past decade more than 35% of single moms live below the poverty line, which is nearly 5 times higher than the rate (~6.6%) for two-parent families. According to the 2018 Missouri Poverty Report, food insecurity rates in Missouri are around 31.6% for households with children headed by a single mother. Educational attainment has proven to be a critical component for the economic stability of single moms and, of course, their children. Almost Home provides subsidized housing, personalized advice, a plan, and long term support for mothers who are wanting to work toward their educational and career goals. The long term commitment that Almost Home provides to motivated single mothers is another reassurance in the strength of our community.

If you know someone who is a single mom and needs some stability she can fill out an application here. If you are someone who is looking for a great place to volunteer or donate you can do that here. For more info, visit